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Scientific Committee: Annamaria Di Fabio (Editor in Chief), Mario Fulcheri (Co-editor), Guido Sarchielli (Co-editor)
Periodicity: february, june, november

Vol. 12, n. 2, june 2019

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Annamaria Di Fabio, Mario Fulcheri, Guido Sarchielli


After outlining the theoretical framework of healthy organisations, this contribution traces the development of career counseling and its historical evolution, focusing in particular on the transition from Life Designing to Life Meaning as the theoretical framework in a primary prevention perspective for well-being construction in order to answer the challenges of the 21st century. Empirical research on Life Meaning and new constructs in the healthy organisations framework are presented. Furthermore, future perspectives are offered for career counseling interventions in relation to life meaning for healthy organisations and well-being construction, including attention to decent work and the new research area of Psychology of sustainability and sustainable development.

Invited Articles
Luca Taddei

Constructing decent work and ethical entrepreneurship: The EYEE project

DOI: 10.14605/CS1221902

This article offers a reflection on the contribution that ethical entrepreneurship can make to the construction of decent work. The EYEE project (Erasmus +) is presented and it includes eight European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, and Italy). The EYEE project aims to implement concrete action that can stimulate young people to engage in doing business, spreading a culture of entrepreneurship amongst youth that favours a valid and easily validated method of building business ideas. The contribution that ethical entrepreneurship can make to the construction of decent work is inspiring the construction of new opportunities for future work, starting with youth as the new protagonists.

Studies and research
Serena Cubico, Giuseppe Favretto, Piermatteo Ardolino, Diego Bellini

Entrepreneurial competencies and entrepreneurship education: the role of universities

DOI: 10.14605/CS1221903

Entrepreneurship is a key issue for the development of the social and work inclusion potential of new generations and for economic growth. Entrepreneurial competencies in young people are the subject of attention for international and national institutions. Different models are designed to understand the factors that support entrepreneurial competence and specific types of intervention and places where it is possible to take action to increase them are identified. Universities are one of the privileged places where, beyond specific contents, it is possible to operate with a transversal perspective in which entrepreneurship and its determinants become part of educational culture. Some results of research/intervention projects are presented here.

Studies and research
Emanuela Ingusci, Elisa De Carlo, Alessia Catalano, Andreina Madaro, Mariangela Perrone, Luigi Brocca, Fulvio Signore

The state of the art of the role of university placement services in the transition process to work

DOI: 10.14605/CS1221904

The current labour market imposes more flexibility, personal initiative and the development of new skills on workers. Educational institutions need to handle the complex process of transition from the academic world to the professional one, by offering new proposals and actions aimed to guarantee academic success and employability. The objectives of this paper are different: to study the transition systems and processes implemented to prepare and improve career development, to study the match between supply and demand for work, to explain the way in which young people and companies can meet, to focus on the role played by employability in transition processes, and to reflect on the importance of starting new initiatives aimed at promoting psychological and social well-being.

Over the last few decades, theory and practice has been focusing on the role of career decision-making processes in the school-work transition. The aim of this study is to analyse the relationship between the career decision-making process and family influence. 169 secondary school students attending their fourth and fifth years were involved and were invited to fill in a questionnaire encompassing the following measures: career decision-making difficulties scale, career decision-making self-efficacy scale, family environment scale and parental expectations scale. Results show that the perception of the family environment is a significant predictor of both career decision-making difficulties and career decision-making self-efficacy. Conversely, parental expectations predict only career decision-making self-efficacy.

The aim of this study is to analyse the psychometric properties of the Italian version of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales Short Version (DASS-21). The scale was administered to 342 participants. Dimensionality, reliability, and concurrent validity were analysed. Confirmatory factor analysis supported a three-dimensional structure of the instrument. Good internal consistency and validity were established. Results indicate that the Italian version of the DASS-21 is a valid instrument for measuring the constructs of depression, anxiety and stress also in Italian contexts.

Annamaria Di Fabio

Thriving at Work Scale: psychometric properties of the Italian version

DOI: 10.14605/CS1221907

The purpose of this study was to analyse the psychometric properties of the Italian version of the Thriving at Work Scale (TWS) for its use in the Italian context. The TWS was administered to 123 participants. Dimensionality, reliability, and concurrent validity were investigated. Confirmatory factor analysis supported a two-dimensional version of the questionnaire. Satisfactory internal consistency and concurrent validity were found. Results indicated that the Italian version of the TWS is a valid instrument for detecting compassion also in the Italian context.

by Antonella Delle Fave, by Annamaria Di Fabio

Counseling and positive psychology

by Annamaria Di Fabio


by Annamaria Di Fabio


by Letizia Palazzeschi


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