Elements of critical discussion on citizenship education in the school curriculum

Maria Chiara Michelini

With Law 92/2019 the Italian Parliament formally introduced citizenship education in schools. The law gives schools a social mandate that will be discussed critically, also with reference to the 2012 Indicazioni Nazionali and to the Documento reinterpretativo, published in 2018 by the «Comitato Scientifico Nazionale per le Indicazioni Nazionali per il curricolo della scuola dell’infanzia e del primo ciclo di istruzione». These documents build a unitary and organic framework within which schools can autonomously make their choices and elaborate their projects, thereby catering for different educational visions. Against this background, the negative opinion of the Higher Council of Education on the experimentation of Law 92/2019 from academic year 2019/2020 offers elements of critical evaluation. The essay will seek to highlight the wider issue of citizenship education in a multifaceted perspective within the school curriculum.


Citizenship education, school curricula, teaching.