About this Journal

Future issues will focus on wide-ranging pedagogical and didactic issues related to the following topics: Philosophy of education; Educational models; Pedagogical theories; Social contexts in education; Social subjects and educational needs; Intercultural approaches to education; Adult education; Theory of training: professional contexts; Theory of training: school contexts; School organisation models; Didactic theories and models; Theories and models of assessment; Theories and models of educational services; Inclusion theories and practices; Special educational needs.

Regardless, the journal will continue to provide wide coverage of specific approaches in Pedagogy: from the profound changes that our society is undergoing to the consequences of the crisis; and from school policies to the School Reform, anticipating a discontinuity which will bring into focus the role of the trio that is Education, Instruction and Training, in view of an integrated educational system.


– Special pedagogy
– Experimental pedagogy
– Social pedagogy
– Communication pedagogy
– Intercultural pedagogy
– Comparative pedagogy
– Literature for early childhood
– Class didactics
– Workshop didactics
– Educational use of the environment
– School autonomy
– The curriculum
– Competences
– The school relationship
– Individualised procedures
– Cooperative learning
– The didactic unit
– The didactic project
– Research
– Interdisciplinarity
– Assessment

ISSN: 2421-2946