Aging in the 4.0 World

Vito Carioca, Ana Fernandes

In this article we want to think about the emerging paradigms typical of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Schwab and Davis, 2019) and risk answers to questions that arise whenever we plunge into interrogating the future. Do we continue to believe that human specialization in what is still truly human will allow us to compete with machines in the future? And what implications will this new world have for living and especially for aging? Are we prepared to change the status quo of humanity and change mindsets in 360 degrees? Or will all these be inevitable in a future that has already come? These are clues that we leave you, many questions and possible answers that will generate spirals without return and new questions. That’s the major purpose of this work. And I appeal to your contribution in a way that we can, all together, build innovative thoughts, for a society in which each step is the journey towards new learning in the aging process of the human being, aware that the future is always present and the future is already today.


Healthy aging, world 4.0, technological disruption, gerontotechnology, social robotization.