Remuneration of employees according to their degree of discriminatory allegiance and to the respondents’ belief in a just world

Bernard Gangloff, Claudio Marra, Amine Rezrazi

Three hundred and forty students received: a belief in a just world survey and a practical case, after which they were asked to advise the manager of a real estate rental agency on the amount of bonus to assign one of his employees according to specific information characterising this employee. This information referred to the obedient or counterdependent behaviour of this employee facing a hierarchical order of discrimination. It can be observed 1) that distributions are more frequently unequal than equal, 2) that the obedient employee receives more than the rebel one, despite the ethical character of this rebellion, and 3) that the belief in a just world intervenes only tendentially.

distributive justice; allegiance norm; discrimination; belief in a just world.