Getting rid of our «perimeter» to restore the symmetry of the gaze. Reading Ran Lahav at the time of Covid-19

Cristiano Ciferri

The experience of lockdown during the pandemic due to Covid-19 has asked every one of us to rethink our times and spaces. The common search for a meaning made the attempt to restore a certain symmetry necessary, not only among our mutual glances, but also of our inner gaze. In order to do this, the article suggests a confrontation with some constitutive elements of Ran Lahav’s proposal for philosophical practice. First of all, the basis of his reflection is introduced, that is to say the principle of the interpretation of the world view, which has as its goal the dialogical search for wisdom and thanks to which it is possible to move from philo-sophia to trans-sophia. Later, the concept of «perimeter» is shown, seen as an obstacle to the possibility to develop a contemplative philosophy. Finally, as a way to actualize it, is described the experience of the Contemplative Philosophical Company and the Deep Philosophy Group. The proposed path appears significant to satisfy that need to look within and to connect those points of view of ours that the pandemic has awakened in all of us and which we can no longer leave out of consideration.

Gaze, perimeter, deep philosophy, philosophical companionship, philosophical practice, wisdom.