About this Journal

Orientamenti Pedagogici, first issued in 1954 and now published by Edizioni Erickson, is the international journal for education sciences.

The journal is renowned in the scientific community for its attentive recording and promotion of the development of psychopedagogical research, supporting experimentation and constantly fuelling dialogues with educators and professionals engaged in the field.

Orientamenti Pedagogici is edited by the Faculty of Education Sciences at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome and hosts papers from university lecturers and experts in the various fields of education sciences.

It targets educational specialists and operators, with particular reference to researchers, teachers, psychologists and pedagogists, sociologists, university students and those interested in educational sciences for study or professional reasons, such as educators in rehabilitation centres and social and cultural event promoters.

Orientamenti Pedagogici aims to offer a constantly updated theoretical framework of reference, with an interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective, on the main issues in pedagogy, didactics and psychology. It presents methods, tools and techniques of observation and scientific inquiry, field research and analysis and documentation of experiences. It provides critical analysis and in-depth evaluation of the latest international publications dealing with issues in pedagogy, didactics, psychology, sociology and history.

This journal is rated as class A, according to the updated ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) rankings. The journal is indexed in Ebisco.

ISSN Printed version: 0030-5391

ISSN Digital version: 2724-0983