Attitudes towards Inclusive Education For All Questionnaire

Francesca Vergani, Stephan Kielblock

In the field of inclusive education, there is currently great interest in measuring the attitudes of teachers towards inclusion. An in-depth study of literature has shown, however, a lack of coherence between the existing tools, and an inclusive paradigm which is not focused exclusively on students with disabilities. Having identified (Kielblock, 2018) a coherent instrument, the purpose of this study is the Italian translation and validation of this questionnaire. The process involved double-blind back-translation; cultural adaptation in collaboration with researchers and teachers; and statistical validation on a sample of 272 teachers. The result is a questionnaire of 26 items, with solid univariate properties, good factorial consistency and appropriate reliability (α = 0.811 for the attitude scale, α = 0.785 for the self-efficacy scale).

10.14605/ ISS2012106

Attitudes towards inclusion, Self-efficacy, Teachers, Questionnaire, Validation.