Behavioral disorders at school: a pilot study on teachers’ perception

Gianluca Amatori

The perceptual dimensions of behavioral disturbances, by the teachers, can significantly affect the construction and vision of a highly inclusive environment (Mahar and Chalmers, 2007; Frigerio, Montali and Marzocchi, 2014; Anderson et al., 2012). In particular, the perceptive element can influence the teaching intervention, the management of the class group and the relational well-being of the various actors (Morganti, 2018). This paper aims to illustrate the results of a pilot study involving 46 primary school teachers in relation to their professional experience with pupils with behavioral disorder. The intent is to reflect on the results of the research to start a further recognition of the state of the art in order to broaden the survey gaze, to highlight both the training needs and the application-methodological needs of the teaching practice in the presence of pupils with behavior disorder.


Behavioral disorders, teachers’ perception, ADHD, teacher training, Primary School.