Motor and sport activities teachers training. Between universities and scientific societies

Pasquale Moliterni, Lucia de Anna, Marta Sánchez Utgé, Marzia Mazzer, Alessio Covelli, Angela Magnanini

The article presents the exploratory phase of the research «Innovative training model proposal for motor and sport activities teachers», funded by the University of Rome «Foro Italico» in order to develop more innovative and effective teacher training model. This model is aimed in particular at motor and sports sciences, responding to new regulations introduced by law 107/2005 and subsequent measures, which introduced several changes in teacher training, with new perspectives for universities. The hypothesis is to verify first of all whether the academic training offer is adequately oriented to develop students’ awareness in relation to the knowledge and skills necessary to become teachers of motor and sports sciences and to design a more effective teacher training model for a greater development of pedagogical and didactic skills oriented to the educational and training dimension and to the promotion of learning through motor and sports activities.


Motor and sport activities teaching, teacher training model, pedagogical and didactic skills.