About this Journal

This journal aims to closely cover the debate on the change in school organisation and the decisions which will gradually be taken, with the ambitious aim of «monitoring» and contributing to «influencing» the situation, whilst respecting the needs and rights of people in difficulty. It aims to draw attention to the choices and experiences which explicitly or indirectly move towards inclusion, which for several decades has represented an invaluable cultural tradition in our country.

The journal supports the conviction that the process of integrating the disabled is capable of raising the quality of the school and social experience of all individuals, whether «able» or «differently able», from an educational, didactic, organisational and juridical and administrative point of view. With this objective, the journal documents best practices, best projects, best ideas and best norms, which move towards inclusion, and add stepping stones to this ideal pathway, which winds along, interweaving and identifying with that of education through instruction and training. We hope to open up a candid, constructive dialogue with our readers — teachers, students, parents, school heads, after-school professionals and associations —, in order to develop the debate and to contribute to the growth of a culture of sharing and of educational and didactic research.

Journal layout


  • International models and perspectives: international research overview
  • Italian models and perspectives: most interesting studies within Italian research
  • Research, proposals and methods: outcomes and new projects according to scientific investigation
  • Pioneers: most significative works from renowned pedagogues of the past
  • Projects and best practice: a presentation of the most diverse educational experiences
  • Dialogues with associations and Dialogues among professions: debate with associations and professional figures involved in educational and social inclusion
  • Open issues: open space for debates and discussion


  • International review: an overview of international literature
  • Legislative procedure updates: material of differing nature and origins, which aims to offer a positive contribution to understanding regulations and their application.
  • Reviews: bibliographic news connected to inclusive education