The school that works

Monica Molino, Greta Mazzetti, Consuelo Mameli, Andrea Ciani, Viviana Vinci, Claudio G. Cortese, Dina Guglielmi, Amelia Manuti, Loredana Perla, Roberto Trinchero, Ira Vannini

Theoretical models suggest multifactorial approaches for the investigation of school effectiveness. Therefore, in this study factors related to organizational and educational processes have been considered, with the aim of investigating differences between institutions with positive versus negative added value (developed by Invalsi). The study involved 1174 teachers, employed in 73 schools in three different Italian regions, who filled in an on-line questionnaire. The comparison between schools with a positive versus negative added value showed some differences. Particularly, schools with more positive learning outcomes showed significantly higher levels of supportive leadership and a participative decision-making style. Results and intervention proposals are discussed using a multifactorial and interdisciplinary approach.


Leadership, demands-resources model, school effectiveness, grade 8 teachers, added value.