Laura Conti, a pioneer of the inclusive vision of society

Fabio Bocci

With this paper, we are launching a new section of the journal dedicated to «returning» to the thoughts of «past» authors, whom we can consider pioneers for their attention to topics and issues that continue to be relevant in the fields of pedagogy and didactics. Starting with our current situation, marred by the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to dedicate this article to Laura Conti, whose thoughts and work are as topical as ever. Returning to the figure of this extraordinary woman, partisan, doctor, environmentalist, politician, scientific journalist and writer in the centenary of her birth is not only an obligation but a (political) act that is inextricably linked to an inclusive vision of our society, to the desire for a change of paradigm (which should be inclusion if we do not wish to reduce it simply to an elegant yet empty formula).


Laura Conti, Inclusion, Ecology, Gender equality.