Disability Support and promoting inclusion: a study on the attitudes and concerns of a pre-service teachers group

Andrea Fiorucci, Stefania Pinnelli

In conjunction with teachers’ attitudes towards inclusion and disability, as important indicators of the potential success or failure of school inclusion (Forlin, 2010), the literature indicates how the fears and concerns of teachers affect their work equally (Symeonidou and Phtiaka, 2009; Disanto, 2015). Starting from this perspective, the paper reports the results of a study conducted between 2017 and 2018 on the fears and concerns of a group of pre-service teachers. From the aspects highlighted by the study, we must continue to insist on the study of the concerns and fears of future teachers, since they reveal the fragility of a difficult profession, such as that of supporting the person with disabilities, highlighting emotional-relational aspects and experiences on which we should focus more.


Teachers’ concerns, teachers’ attitudes, disabilities, inclusion, pre-service teachers.