Nuovi italiani crescono. La letteratura migrante come strumento didattico nella scuola superiore di secondo grado

Zannoni Federico, Alessandra Sirotti

By now consolidated presences in a multicultural school population, boys and girls with foreign origins have caused a profound redefinition in the ways of organising teaching and managing relationships in the class, generating significant innovation and instances of integration, which have not yet been completely resolved. Narrative works written by authors of migrant origin, in many cases containing autobiographical elements, can be placed at the centre of activities that offer opportunities for reflection and sharing. The project presented here, carried out in several classes of a higher education institution in the province of Modena, has used migrant literature as a tool for teaching and investigation, as a stimulus for discussions that have allowed pupils with foreign origins to recount their experiences, beliefs and points of view regarding their condition as people with multiple belongings and cultural and identity roots.


“second generation” immigrant adolescents; migrant literature; intercultural education and teaching.