About this Journal

This new journal, which has been created by combining the longstanding Erickson journals Dislessia, Difficoltà in matematica and Disturbi di attenzione e iperattività. A journal with more pages and more content, which offers a more exhaustive overview of Learning and Behavioural Disorders.

The journal thoroughly and effectively tackles all learning and behavioural disorders, with a focus on three areas edited by leading Italian experts:
– Enrico Savelli and Giacomo Stella (Reading and writing disorders)
– Daniela Lucangeli (Mathematics learning disorders)
– Gian Marco Marzocchi (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorders and behavioural disorders)

Latest news

– All neurodevelopmental disorders in the area of learning and behaviour in a single journal.
– Scientific evidence and the most effective practices.
– Even more thorough updating for all professionals.


– The latest research in national and international spheres.
– Tests and intervention tools to be used in clinical practice.
– Case studies, best practices and first-hand accounts from psychologists, speech therapists and teachers.
– News from Italy and abroad.

ISSN Printed version: 2723-9330

ISSN Digital version: 2724-0495