A teaching community in the mirror: self-perception and removal in the intercultural education approach

Loretta Bonifaci

This paper discusses the project work context data which called into question the self-perception of the Convitto Cotugno school community. The data was collected in two different ways: the real composition of the school population comes from searching the archives in the student administration office; the Cotugno community’s perception of migrants comes from answers to questionnaires given to students, parents and teachers. The aim of the questionnaire was finding out the attitudes of the Cotugno community towards migrants and understanding if its members have any intercultural competences. An important contradiction has emerged from the comparison between data about the composition of the school population and data from the questionnaire answers: for years the Cotugno community has had the self-perception that it is incompatible with the real presence of foreign students. It will therefore be necessary to change welcoming and didactic practices in order to give migrant pupils what they need. A work group of teachers to realise inclusive and intercultural didactic is going to be constituted, as proposed by the action-research project.


migrant’s perception, teaching community, intercultural education.