Per una didattica sulle cittadinanze in chiave interculturale. Gli studenti “nuovi italiani” dell’Istituto Oriani-Mazzini di Milano

Marco Fassino

This paper presents a project which was developed during the 2017-18 school year in an “Istituto Professionale” (vocational secondary school) on the outskirts of Milan regarding adolescents with migrant backgrounds who acquire Italian citizenship. Under the supervision of the head teacher and two teachers, several learning activities were carried out with an intercultural approach in a year five class, both inside and outside the school, engaging all the pupils (Italians, foreigners, “new Italians”) in reflections and research on the role of citizenship in the construction of personal identity. The didactic multimedia products realised by these pupils then played a central role in a public ceremony in honour of all the “new Italian” pupils of the school. Consistent with the logic of action-research, the entire school community, the surrounding area, the authorities and the mass media were involved. In the conclusions, the author carries out some consideration on the school’s task of ensuring that every adolescent – whatever their cultural origins and current legal status of citizenship may be – develops a sense of belonging to Italian society both from an emotional and a moral point of view.


project work, citizenship, educational community.