“Chi Sei? Cosa pensi? Tra vissuto e prospettive…”. Progettare l’inclusione nella scuola secondaria di II grado

Giuliana Zanarini

The action-research presented below was developed around the following theme: how can the significant presence of migrant children in Professional Institutes be studied in depth in order to develop effective actions of integration and prevent early school leaving and scholastic failure? The first phase of research-action was developed through a fact-finding study, using the survey “Who are you? What do you think? From life experiences to different points of view...”. Intervention areas (such as stereotypes, prejudices, hate speech) were identified through analysis of the data taken from the survey, which was administered to 626 pupils attending the first two years of two Professional Institutes. Elements of change in the pupils involved were identified by listening to responses from students and analysing the data from a second administration of part of the survey. The research-action project was necessarily developed, monitored and evaluated using theoretical content, labs and meetings with the Master’s research group.


action-research, inclusion, upper secondary school, survey, teaching methods