La revisione in prospettiva interculturale del curricolo di storia. Un’esperienza di ricerca-azione

Carlo Colombo

The growing presence in Italian schools of second-generation, multi-cultural immigrant children makes it necessary to revise the curriculum to embrace an intercultural perspective. This paper is dedicated to revising the history curriculum in the lower secondary school classes of a school in the city of Rome. The work group conducted an action-research project. The aim of the research was to explore teaching history from an intercultural perspective. The teachers worked to create various educational units that were then used to experiment a method that views history in a plural and deconstructive manner. The project has led to the creation of a network of educators engaged in pedagogical experimentation and has produced a significant increase in shared knowledge in the field of intercultural education. The final part of the paper is a comparison between the current, established curriculum of the school in question and its revised version, which contains a series of new elements regarding both history and cross-curricular subjects.


curriculum; history; learning units; intercultural competence.