I molti linguaggi delle classi eterogenee. Riflessioni a partire dall’esperienza del Laboratorio di educazione interculturale e crossmediale dell’Università di Udine

Davide Zoletto, Francesca Zanon

The paper aims to present some notes starting from the experience of the Intercultural and Cross Media Education Laboratory for future pre-primary and primary teachers, that has been developed within the Primary Education Programme of the University of Udine throughout three academic years (2016/2017 to 2018/2019). After having shortly presented theoretical and educational backgrounds of the Laboratory, the paper will describe the main features of the activities carried our during the project. Finally we discuss some of the themes the Laboratory dealt with, with special reference to the role ICT can play in planning and managing educational activities within diverse learning classrooms, and to media as a field in which learners’ competences can emerge, that teachers can draw upon in order to plan inclusive and intercultural learning environments.


heterogeneous classrooms; intercultural education; cross media education; teacher education; pre-primary teachers; primary teachers.